GR Organizing Tips: Hidden IKEA Treasures

Let's face it, I could go on and on for days about IKEA and the stuff I find there! I've had an obsession since the first time I stepped foot in the place 20+ years ago. I've even been known to have a running "IKEA LIST" in my phone at all times.

You're probably like...mmmmk. What? I don't want to forget! There's nothing worse than getting somewhere and not remembering why you wanted to go in the first place. We can all relate to that right? What can I say, I've always been a girl trying to make the most of her budget but also someone on the hunt for solutions. It's just the way I'm wired. I've tried turning it off. It doesn't work. I think that must be it....the reason I love IKEA so much... I love IKEA for all the solutions they offer!

Solutions are sold to us every day. They usually come with hefty price tags or have the word "custom" somewhere tied to them. That's where the fun comes in for me. Solutions don't have to be expensive or "custom" for that matter.

Alright, alright.. back to the point. Check out these 2 dirt cheap IKEA products the VARIERA trash can & VARIERA plastic bag holder. Great for how they're intended alone, but you'll be amazed when you see the mind-blowing ways these things can be used to organize random stuff.

Link from another blog - House of the Hepworths

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